Car History

Our family relation with these historic vehicles begins in 1949, when our grandfather Jordão Celestino Marques dos Santos bought the 1935 A10 Open Road Tourer to serve as a family car. In 1967 grandpa acquired the A10 Saloon, and the Two Ten have been in the family since then.

1935 Austin Ten “Open Road Tourer”

The car was produced in 1935 at Austin’s Longbridge Plant in Birmingham, the largest in the world at the time, arriving in Funchal in April that year. It was registered 25 April 1935 with plate M-1557, updated to MA-17-78 in the early 1950s. After serving for more than a decade for both private and cab service, it finally became our grandparent’s family car, being in the family since then.

In the 1950s it was continuously refitted and upgraded to serve as an all-terrain vehicle, being the first to reach a number of remote locations in Madeira.

In the 1960s the car knew a Golden Era, being extensively used in drives and tours through the island’s hinterlands. In 13 May 1990 it participated in the memorial race commemorating the 55 years of I Rampa dos Barreiros, winning the 1st place in its category. It has since participated in a number of other competitions and exhibits. The vehicle was thoroughly restored in 2005, and returned to its original state and colour. It is a certified historic vehicle by Clube Português de Automóveis Antigos, reg. 5595.

1946 Austin Ten “Saloon” (GSI)

In 1967, although the Open Road Tourer was a great car for weekend and holiday touring, a new car was in need for everyday life, and grandpa bought the 1946 A-10 Saloon. The car previously belonged to our cousin João Baptista Gomes, from São Roque, and before that served in the island as a taxi. It was registered in Funchal in November 1946.

In 1976 the car entered the first Madeira classic car competition in Machico, winning a trophy, and in November 1988 participated in the 1st Raid Diário de Notícias. Since the 1970s the car entered a number of gymkhanas and races, winning a number of prizes. It’s a certified historic vehicles by Clube Português de Automóveis Antigos, reg. 6694.

1966 Singer Vogue

This sports car was commissioned by Mr Barros, director of Companhia do Caminho de Ferro do Monte (Monte toboggan sled rides) in 1966, and passed to his sister Maria Alice shortly after. It was based, in their Torrinha villa until it was acquired by our father in 2004.

1972 Mercedes Benz 280S “Sedan”

The vehicle was registered in Caracas, Venezuela, in January 1972, and was a member of the Venezuelan Classic Cars Association. It belonged to António de Jesus Manica, who brought it to Madeira Island in 1978. It was acquired by our family in July 1998, and registered as an historic vehicle in 1999 at Clube de Automóveis Antigos da Madeira under nr. 22199.

1971 VW  Beetle 1300

This car was registered in Funchal in October 1971, and acquired by the family in August 1994. It’s a member of the Madeira VW Club.