1946 Austin Ten Saloon GSI

The Saloon production started pre war with the GRQ model in 1939-40. During WW2 car production was interrupted due to the lack of factory workers attached on the army, restarting in 1944 with the GSI model.

The Saloon GSI model is usually known as the alligator bonnet due to its wide U-shaped snout. Under this big bonnet is mounted a four cylinder in-line engine with 1,125cc displacement and 33 b.h.p. It has an unitary steel body and rear wheel drive fitting  a 4 speed gearbox. Front and rear suspension has semi-elliptic springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. The brake system is a girling roller mounted with handbrake on all 4 wheels. The Saloon was the last Ten model, produced until 1947.

GRQ/GSI Production
GRQ (1939-40): 14,738
GSI (1944-47): 56,690