1966 Singer “New” Vogue

The New Vogue was one of the models produced by the Rootes Group from 1966 to 1970. Singer New Vogue belongs to a second generation of this model that was a badge engineered version of the manufacturer Rootes Arrow.

Positioned slightly upmarket of his twin brother Hillman Hunter, it is powered by the same straight 4 cilinder 1,725 cc (105.3 cu in) engine and a single Stromberg carburetor delivering 80 bhp (60 kW; 81 PS) at 5,000 rpm.  Transmission is a four-speed manual gearbox, front disc brakes and, as a curiosity, it was the first British car to feature rectangular headlamps. Along with all other Singer models the Vogue was discontinued in 1970 to be replaced by the short lived Sunbeam Vogue.

Try the New Vogue for sightseeing, it will be definitly a very good experience!