5. Câmara de Lobos & Torre

Climb Pico da Torre and encounter the most stunning panoramas over Câmara de Lobos Bay in a classic ride throught the village and its belvederes!

Tour Circuit

      • Avenida do Infante
      • Estrada Monumental
      • Churchill Belvedere  Sightseeing stop
      • Câmara de Lobos Stop for visiting place of interest
      • Pico da Torre Belvedere  Sightseeing stop
      • Espírito Santo Belvedere  Sightseeing stop
      • Return to Funchal

Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxttApT575GxV2hmNlZXd3VYcVU/view?usp=sharing

Duration: About 2 hours

Prices per person & class:

Prices on request depending on the tour and vehicle.

Two Ten

1935 Austin 10 Open Road Tourer

1935 Austin 10 Open Road Tourer

1946 Austin 10 GSI Saloon


1972 Mercedes Benz 280S


1966 Singer Vogue

1970 VW Beetle 1300L

1971 VW Beetle 1300

Automobile Classes

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